Restep Group, LLC


Design, branding, and photography services for agile businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. 

Strategic Design & Communications

Restep Digital is a design and communications firm. We offer a selection of curated products, aimed at efficiently meeting the needs of agile start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as a full range of custom tailored services for established businesses. 

We were born from the realization that friends, peers, and colleagues were starting and operating great ventures without the time, wherewithal or access to brand them strategically via the existing high-friction market for design services. It's a busy lifestyle. We understand that you have a business to run, a following to engage, and products or services to bring to market in a competitive environment.

To these ends, the triad of strong branding, elegant messaging, and thoughtful design is worth pursuing. Ultimately, it - not us - will work for you, enabling richer connections with your audiences that allow you to focus on growing the parts of your business you love. 

In our freer moments, we enjoy stretching our creative boundaries in illustration and are always on the lookout for freelance opportunities, inspiring exhibitions, and other projects to hone our skills or help out a worthy cause. We take on projects of all shapes and sizes and are always happy to chat about our work with potential clients.